2020 Training Webinar Version 10 and Above  Rendering - CLICK TO REGISTER
The webinar has been designed for the 2020 user who need tips and hints on how to utilize the new rendering tools in V10. Become skilled at changing the lighting and shadows with the movement of the sun. Learn how to adjust the Object and Camera Clipping tools to get the best views. Discover what the best colors are to use to get a photo realistic rendering.    

Tile Designs Using 2020 Design
Learn the steps necessary to create your own custom tile backsplashes, bathroom walls and floors and save them for use in future designs. Discover how to import tile designs from the web and apply them to your own design. Enhance your own creativity  by becoming skilled with tile overlays and borders. 

Fundamentals of Lighting Design Using 2020 Design
Did you know that you can layout a detailed reflected ceiling plan? Take this webinar and you can become an expert in lighting design using the light fixtures found in 20-20 Design Room catalogs, with a little practice. Adjusting the properties of light fixtures will allow you to control the outcome of beautiful finished renderings. 

How To Design Accessible Bathrooms Using 2020 Design
Statistics show that as the years advance we are faced with a growing population of people with disabilities. That is why it is important today for designers to understand the fundamentals of accessible, universal and adaptive design. The webinar will focus on the critical clearances and distances need for all aspects of disabilities.                 

How To Design Accessible Kitchens Using 2020 Design
Accessible Design meets the needs of people with all kinds of  disabilities, especially where there is a need for wheelchair access. Codes are set forth by The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) for residential design in the U.S., and The National Building Codes (NBC) for Canada. The International Residential Codes (IRC) insure safe environments for all people. Learn more about why designers need know this information. 

 ​V10-V11 Countertop Workshop
This is the perfect webinar for 2020 Design users to hone their skills in countertop creation. Explore the various edit tools in Countertop Edit Shape and master the application of radius corners, radius ends, clipped and notched corners. Learn how to set "points" and add lines. If you can draw a countertop shape with pencil and paper you can do it in 2020 Design.